Black Tea

Black Tea is originated from different country e.g.: India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, China & Taiwan. While black teas are made from the same Camellia Sinensis plant as all teas, the oxidation and processing is what distinguishes black teas from the rest. Premium black teas are withered, rolled, oxidized and fired in an oven, creating a warm and toasty flavor. The lengthier oxidation process causes the tea leaves to develop into dark brown and black colors.  

How to separate different stage of the teas? The different stage of the tea is to separate the shape and the size of the tea. e.g.: FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe), OP (Orange Pekoe), BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe), F (Fanning)… The reasons of separating the tea leaves types is to control the brewing time and the richness of the tea.

红茶是源自于印度,斯里兰卡,肯亚,中国及台湾。红茶与所有的茶一样都是由相同的茶花植物Camellia Sinensis制成。但发酵,氧化和加工是区别于其他红茶的原因。高级红茶被烘干,萎调,揉捻,发酵并在烤箱中烧烤,产生被烤制的香味。茶叶的颜色形成深褐色或黑色都是经过较长的氧化过程导致。

那怎么分辨茶叶的等级呢?茶叶的不同等级是为了区分茶叶的形状,尺寸所设定的辨别方式,依照大小主要分为FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe), OP (Orange Pekoe), BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe), F (Fannings)等。分级的目的是因为茶叶的大小会直接影响到冲泡时间的长短以及风味的浓郁程度。


Black Tea Type:

Assam Black Tea, Ceylon Black Tea, Kenya Black Tea, English Breakfast Black Tea & Earl Grey Black Tea.


Herbal Tea

Rosebuds is traditionally associated with health, tranquility and beauty. It helps in blood circulation and stimulates the nerves and bone of the body.

玫瑰花具有养颜, 活络全身血脉预防便秘暖胃养肝之功效。具丰富的维他命C, 助养颜美容, 帮助消化及镇定功效。其性温和, 可调血气, 助生理期调理。

Lavender is popular with its intense and sweet aroma. It is used for its calming, anti-depressant qualities.  It is useful for headaches, nerves, insomnia, ease gas and treat giddiness.

薰衣草可助于降血压,使人心神安宁。(可纾解头疼与身心疲劳,  祛风寒, 净化心绪,解除焦虑, 松弛助眠)

Chamomile is known for its strong calming effect, cure insomnia and reduce tension.


Peppermint is commonly used as a tea for digestion and a remedy for ulcers.  It treats indigestion, colic and gas. It also helps to reduce aphid infestation.


Mint & Verbena This strong scented lemony flavor gains its own popularity. It helps to tone digestive system.


Jasmine helps to relieves tension and menstruation cramps. Drink this tea daily after breakfast and lunch one week before menstruating to help regulate menstruation cycle and relieve cramps.


Angel Dream a tea name after its own, helps to heal insomnia, its combination and fragrance will help to relax and calm.


Lemon Grass and Mint coats and soothes irritated tissues, treats inflammation of the respiratory tracts.


Lady’s Hope is a good formula for slimming. The Caffeine Free Herbal Tea combination of herbs help to detoxify body and treat constipation.

少女之愿可助消化及消除油脂。具排毒功效及健身效果。 (成份:薄荷叶,甘草,玫瑰花)

Slim River a formula that believes to helps slim down tea lover thigh and detoxify body.


Green Tea

Chamo-Mint Green Tea

Chamomile and Peppermint helps to reduce tension and stress. The combination of the sweet Chamomile and the refreshing Peppermint with Green Tea help to bright up your day.



Lavender Green Tea

Lavender is well known of its sweet aromatic flavors. Lavender is a key of promoting relaxation. It is also believed in helping anxiety, insomnia, stress and depression. The clamming sweet aroma of Lavender and Green Tea is a perfect combination.



Sweet Osmanthus Green Tea

Osmanthus Green Tea helps to improve skin whitening, removal of toxic and balance the nervous system. The sweetness in Osmanthus simply refreshing.



Jasmine Paradise Green Tea

Drinking Jasmine Paradise Green Tea after breakfast and lunch before menstruation period will help to regulate menstruation cycle. It can improve working efficiency and relieve cramps. It is an excellent blend of Jasmine Flowers and Green Tea.



Moonlight Roses Green Tea

Green Tea and Roses are in vitamin C which is believed to improve blood circulation and help to relieve menstrual cramps. Together, they create a tea that delivers calming, immune-boosting and cleansing properties.


花中之后玫瑰的特质,唯有金黃琥珀色的乌龙茶最能衬托出其高贵气息与典雅芬芳,味道带香甜与回甘. 玫瑰花甜美的香气, 具丰富的维他命C,助养颜美容,帮助消化

Fruit Cocktail

Blueberry Fruit Cocktail
A lovely kind of fruit that so cherish and brisk. This unique fruit helps to improve eye sight and also contain iron and vitamin. 

Apple Lemon Fruit Cocktail
A combination of lemon and apple that create a fresh taste. It provides and help on appetite. 

Hawaii Fruit Cocktail
Is a blend of fruit with pineapple, papaya and mango that will cool off your day. Believe to eliminate wearily. 

Mixed Fruit Cocktail
Consists of special blend of natural fruits that create the pleasant flavours. It is rich of vitamin C, helps metabolism and improves appetites. 

Peach Fruit Cocktail
A gentle taste of unique fruit peach lady. It create a superb sense of peach taste and contain lots of iron and vitamin. 

Strawberry Fruit Cocktail
A taste of strawberry cream sensation while increase your appetite. It is rich of vitamin and prevent cold and flu. 

Black Forest Fruit Cocktail
Is unique and incomparable flavour for all berries and currants lover. The mixture of the fruit create a sensation on the tea itself.

Rose Fruit Cocktail
A marriage of rose herb and fruit certainly create a sweet sensation aroma. It is rich of vitamin and help to beautifies.