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Western Delight

  • Marinated deep fried chicken with black pepper sauce, potato wedges & stim vegetables

  • Deep fried marinated chicken breast crumbed oat with maple-sweet sauce.

  • Baked chicken with rosemary herbs, butter caper sauce, steam vege & mash potato

  • Special home marinate with house herbs of lemon grass n mint served with steam vege and spagetthi.

Fish Delight

  • Marinated deep fried tilapia served with fresh citrusy lemon juice and cooked butter base sauce.

Pasta Delight

  • A great vegetarian spaghetti cooked with broccoli, cauliflower, button mushroom and served with tomato base sauce.

Cheese Baked Pasta

Asian Delight with Rice

  • Special home cooked creamy paste cooked with chicken cubes, mix vege and button mushroom served with garlic rice.

  • Deep fried marinated chicken breast with Japanese bread crumbed served with light spicy Japanese curry sauce.

Cheese Baked Rice

Waffle Delight

Cheesy Burger





  • Garden Salad

    RM 18.90

    Refreshing Garden Salad with fruits and fresh vegetables served with unique home dressing.

Special Delight

Winter Patisserie

  • Rose Cookies

    RM 8.90

    RM8.90 (5 pcs) / RM12.90 (8 pcs) cookies


Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea

  • Rosebuds

    RM 16.90

    Sweet and pleasant aroma with soothing and calming qualities.

  • Chamomile

    RM 16.90

    A fine leaves of daisy-like flowers creates a mild and warming taste best known for curing insomnia and reducing tension.

  • Lavender

    RM 16.90

    A sweet aromatic flavor. Famous for calming and relaxing.

  • Mint & Verbena

    RM 16.90

    This strong scented lemony flavor gains its own popularity. It helps to tone digestive system.

  • Peppermint

    RM 16.90

    Infusion of aromatic peppermint leaves creates a refreshing, distinctive taste and aroma. A perfect drink to keep you refreshed and energized.

  • Jasmine Blossom

    RM 16.90

    It helps to relieve tension and cramps, daily drinking helps to regulate menstruation cycle.

  • Angel Dream

    RM 16.90

    A tea that brings relaxing and calming all day long.

  • Slim River

    RM 16.90

    A formula that believes to help slimming and detoxifying body.

  • Lady’s Hope

    RM 16.90

    A premium blend of roses and peppermint, creates a formula for slimming and body detox.

  • Unique blend of mint and lemon grass helps indigestion. It is refreshing.

Caffeine-Free Fruit Tea

  • Summer Garden

    RM 16.90

    A very refreshing Fruit Tea, which has a great taste of pineapple that will help to ease digestion and thirst.

  • Sensation of blended strawberries helps to prevent cold and flu. It’s also rich in vitamin and helps to beautify skin.

  • A unique strong taste of peach mélange, will help you on your appetite.

Symphony of Herbs & Fruit

Symphony of Herbs with Health

  • Mild blend of Rooibos brings a mid-sweetness taste with Chamomile help for calming and relaxing.

  • Combination of both helps to ease headache, high blood pressure and is for cooling too.

  • Ginseng Rose

    RM 18.90

    Combination of ginseng and rose helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve immune system.

Green Tea Flavoured

  • Feeling Slim

    RM 14.90

    A natural taste of blended green tea and herbs, ginger and lemon grass. The beauty of this tea helps slimming. It also contains marigold petals, cornflower petals and yarrow.

  • Pear Peach

    RM 14.90

    Blend of pear and peach with green tea, the significant aroma of this fruit is soothing.

  • The blend of pear and mangosteen with premium green tea adds the mild sweetness in tea and life itself.

Special Blend Flavoured Tea

  • Lemon Kiss

    RM 16.90

    Unique se of Blended Black Tea with a mild taste on Lemonade bite, served with slice of Lemon will helps you on appetite and refreshing.

  • Signature winter-rose, this one of the “must try” teas. The premium blended of black teas and quality rosebuds creates a taste of sweetness in this tea and helps to beautify skin.

  • Fruit Lovers surely love the tea. It contains fruit of pineapple, apple, orange, lemon and cherry. It is rich in vitamin. Combination of fruit and tea surely honeyed the taste. Enjoy this citrusy and wonderful tea.

  • The origin taste comes from England, the mixture of black tea with orange is the perfect drink for tea lover.

  • The name ‘chrysanthemum’ was originated from the Ancient Greek. The commonly known flower is famous for its defined function to reduce body temperature during summer seasons. The combination of lime and chrysanthemum is perfect to help cold, flu and

Original Black Tea

  • Assam Tea

    RM 13.90

    Assam Tea is originated from India and it’s named after the Assam region. Well known for its tart and malt favor. It is also packed with antioxidant which helps to prevent cancer.

  • A premium blend of Assam, Ceylon and Kenya teas, producing an elegant and subtle sensation.

  • Darjeeling

    RM 13.90

    Known as the champagne of teas, it’s delicate and muscatel flavors are refreshing, aromatic and smooth.

  • Kenya

    RM 13.90

    An excellent tea with a delicate and lively taste. Its flavors packs a punch into your taste buds.

  • Ceylon

    RM 13.90

    Originated from Sri Lanka. Popular with its unique character of color, strength and flavor.

  • Earl Grey

    RM 13.90

    A perfect blend of keemun tea in addition to the bergamot creates a strong-scented aroma.

Green Tea

  • The calming sweet aroma of lavender and green tea is a perfect combination.

  • Marriage of light taste chamomile, the refreshing peppermint with green tea certainly helps to brighten your day.

  • An excellent home blend rose tea creates sweet and aromatic flavors.

  • Gunpowder

    RM 13.90

    Its name after its unique appearance, alike "Gunpowder". Definitely a classic blended of quality green tea. Mild tasting with soothing and calming sensation.

  • Osmanthus, a lovely flower with its sweet fragrance. The premium blend delivers the warming taste as the flower.

  • Special blend of green tea with jasmine flower creates a blend of wonderful taste.

Winter Speciality Hot Milk Tea

Iced Tea

Caffeine Free Iced Fruit Cocktail

  • A premium blend of fruit tea with pineapple and peach, it cools off your day. This fruit tea believes to eliminate wearily and prevent anemia.

  • A marriage of rose herb and fruit certainly creates a sweet sensational taste. It is rich in vitamins and it helps to beautify skin.

  • A lovely taste of peach fruit mélange will certainly keep you refreshed and having a good appetite.

Hot Coffee

Creamed Coffee

Iced Coffee

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